About Us

Reverse-Retail GmbH with the brands “Buddy & Selly” and “Vite EnVogue” is Europe’s leading reverse commerce retailer for the purchase and sale of luxury second-hand goods and stands for sustainability as a whole. Buddy & Selly makes it as easy and convenient as possible for its customers and offers an all-round service for the purchase of worn designer fashion, which can then be found in the Vite EnVogue online store.

From start-up to leading direct seller of second-hand designer fashion

Buddy & Selly was founded in Hamburg in 2012. We started small and have grown steadily – not least thanks to our professional team, who have an extraordinary passion for luxury second hand. In fact, we love what we do and are our own best customers.

Our specialty: Luxury Second Hand

Who isn’t familiar with the problem of your closet bursting at the seams?

Buddy & Selly is a problem solver for its customers and the focus is clearly on convenience. Designer clothing, shoes, bags and accessories for men and women from all over Germany, Austria and Luxembourg can be sent in free of charge or handed in at one of our buying stores.

Our team of experts takes a close look at all items. We not only check the authenticity and quality, but also the condition of the clothing in detail. Only the fashion items and accessories that pass this test make it into our online store Vite EnVogue.

We have established professional processes for purchasing that go beyond manual inspection and are based on high quality standards. The authenticity check and valuation are carried out using our patented and daily updated purchasing software. Since the beginning of 2022, we have also been using artificial intelligence for this: thanks to AI, we can automatically determine precise sales forecasts. Pricing is therefore no coincidence and customers receive an offer immediately. If you agree, the amount will be paid out immediately.

Your advantage: No waiting. No effort. No risk!

You can find out what we buy here.

Our vision: slow fashion instead of fast fashion

We are very proud to make a consistent contribution to greater sustainability in the textile industry. Second-hand clothing benefits the environment in many ways: If less clothing is produced, this automatically reduces water consumption and CO2 emissions. Energy consumption is reduced, there is less waste, fewer chemicals are used and raw materials such as cotton are conserved.

Sustainability concerns us all. At the same time, the textile industry is a major lever for change. We are delighted to be involved here!

Would you like to know more? Please send us an e-mail to service@buddyandselly.com

We also answer frequently asked questions in our FAQ.