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Buddy&Selly: Experiences of our customers

Trust is good, ratings are better! You want to sell your preloved designer fashion efficiently, but don’t have the time to take care of it? Buddy&Selly is a problem solver and buys your items directly. This means no extra work for you, because as a direct buyer we take care of the entire sale for you.

We have already purchased thousands of items. Hundreds of customers have successfully placed their used luxury items in the hands of new luxury lovers with us and have already rated Buddy&Selly. Many customers are satisfied with our service and have had good experiences. Here you can find their reviews of Buddy&Selly and read first-hand how our customers have benefited from buying their designer clothes through Buddy&Selly.

Experience reports on Buddy&Selly

Anette S. via Trustpilot on May 27, 2024

I dropped off my various bags in Berlin and had a very nice, friendly young lady examine my bags. I was very satisfied with the overall price. I will be happy to hand in my used items there again.

Lucia S. via Trustpilot March 25, 2024

The payment was made directly to my account without any delays. I appreciate the reliability and the smooth process. If you’re looking for a trustworthy platform to get rid of your designer treasures, it’s the best place.

Sabrina via Trustpilot on May 06, 2024

I receive a very warm welcome every time I visit. There is always a nice conversation. The purchase prices are okay. One must not forget that the items are used and that B&S has to sell them on at a price appropriate to their age and should still earn money from them.

MKK via Trustpilot on February 12, 2024

I have already sent clothes etc. to Buddy & Selly several times. The processing is very professional, correct and fast. If I have a query, they respond quickly and always in a friendly manner. I am extremely satisfied with the excellent service provided by all the ladies and gentlemen in the purchasing team and am very happy to recommend Buddy & Selly to others.

These are your advantages

Fair prices and hardly any effort

How much can you earn with your designer piece with us? When selling used designer goods, we calculate the expected sales price: How much will the buyer pay for their preloved It piece? This value depends on a number of factors:

  • Are the goods of high quality?
  • How well is the used item in condition, are there any signs of use?
  • Which brand is sold?
  • What is the current market value?

To answer these questions, we use software specially developed for this purpose, which objectively incorporates the available factors into the calculation.

Sit back, Buddy&Selly sells for you

Our offer to you also includes the fact that we take care of the entire sales process for you: Buddy&Selly sells your item for you. This saves you time and a lot of effort. Competent communication with potential buyers is a matter of course – our customers’ testimonials speak for themselves.

Fast payout

We know how important fast payment is for our customers. After you have sent us your items, you will receive a written price offer as soon as possible. You have 5 working days to check our offer and decide. Your money should arrive in your account within 4 to 6 working days. Alternatively, you can buy a
Breuninger gift card
including an extra 5% bonus on your purchase value – quick and easy.

Dedicated customer service

Sometimes it’s like a beehive here! If we receive a particularly large number of submissions or colleagues are on sick leave, it may take a little longer for you to receive your offer or a response from us. But don’t worry! We have not forgotten you and will process your request as quickly as possible! We thank you for your patience and compensate you with an uncomplicated sale of your designer pieces.

It costs nothing to try!

With Buddy&Selly you can resell your luxury items without any risk. How so? Shipping your branded items won’t cost you a cent. Simply send the items you want to get rid of free of charge – with no shipping costs for you. We insure every shipment so that you can send the parts on their journey with a clear conscience. This way you can be sure that the good items arrive undamaged. If our purchase offer does not meet your expectations, there is no obligation to accept the offer. Return shipping is of course also free of charge. Your risk at the end of the bill: zero!

Selling luxury brands responsibly

At Buddy&Selly, we are committed to ensuring that fashion can be both stylish and environmentally friendly. With every designer item that you sell to a new fashion lover with our help, you actively contribute to the protection of valuable resources: By reselling used designer items, together we help to extend the life cycle of these products and thus reduce the need for new production, which is often associated with high environmental impacts. Revolutionize the fashion industry with us and protect the environment!

Ready for the next step? Send in your designer items now!

Do you want to free up space in your closet and sell on your high-quality designer items easily and safely? Buddy&Selly buys your items directly and easily. Simply send us your clothing, bags, shoes and accessories for men and women free of charge or bring them to one of our
purchase shops
and we will take care of the rest and transfer your money to you quickly and securely.

  • Fill out our submission form to help your designer goods on their way. It’s very simple and only takes a few minutes.
  • In our
    conditions of purchase
    you can find out which items you can sell with us and under which guidelines.

We look forward to receiving your package!