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Well preserved premium and luxury items such as clothing, bags, accessories and shoes. Please read below what we do not buy and check your brands in our
Brand Register

What do we not buy?

Counterfeits / Plagiarism

We buy only original goods. We generally reject goods whose authenticity cannot be clearly determined.

Poor condition

Broken or unkempt items, such as those that are washed out or have loose threads, will not be purchased. This also applies to items that smell strongly, are dirty or show signs of vermin.

Furs / reptile leather

Furs are not purchased by us. We only purchase reptile leather if the processing complies with the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species and is certified accordingly.

Modified originals

We do not purchase products that have been altered in any way. This applies to made-to-measure clothing, customized items or subsequently altered items, such as shortened pants or items without a manufacturer’s label or inscription.

Specific product groups

We do not buy children’s fashion, bridal wear, prom dresses, underwear, swimwear, sportswear, bodysuits, hosiery, watches and prescription glasses.

Certain brands

We can not buy all brands. Please use our trademark register regularly to be always up to date which trademarks we buy. The products that can be seen on Vite enVogue are not decisive.

Your checklist

  • I have found my trademark/in the trademark register
  • My items are new and / or washed
  • My items have no pilling and no loose threads or holes
  • My articles are originals and not plagiarisms
  • My articles have not been changed in any way
  • My items comply with the conditions of purchase


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Second hand purchase on site

Bring us your second hand treasures personally. We are looking forward to your visit in our purchase store. Our experienced purchasing team checks your items directly in your presence and makes you an offer immediately. If you like the offer, you will receive your money by bank transfer to your account.