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This is how it works:

1. check products

Please check if your products meet our purchase criteria and can be found in our trademark register.

2. fill in the submission form

Fill out our submission form online. You will then receive an e-mail with your completed submission form as a PDF and your shipping label.

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Pack your package, put the completed and signed return form in the package and send us your package free of charge.

4. offer received

As soon as we receive your goods, you will receive your offer by e-mail from us. Depending on the volume of submissions, the processing time can currently be up to 14 days.

What we buy


We only buy products from luxury and premium brands. In our purchase conditions you will find all the information you need.  At trademark register you can check if we accept your trademarks.


Your used products should be in very good to good condition.  We do not buy heavily worn, altered or broken products.

Original product

We buy only original goods. We generally reject goods whose authenticity cannot be clearly determined.

Our favorites

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Find out here which products we like to buy the most! You will also benefit from our fashion favorites, as we can offer you very good prices for items with high demand. The payment can be made either by voucher or bank transfer to your bank account.

Good reasons for selling to us

Become a part of Buddy & Selly Community and contribute to making the fast-moving fashion industry more sustainable together with us. How to do it? Very simple! By selling us your former fashion treasures, you are also contributing a decisive part to the Slow Fashion Industry at.

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Liters of water saved

By selling your bags, designer clothing, accessories and shoes to us, you, along with us, are helping to conserve important environmental resources. With your help, we extend the life cycle of your former favorites, reducing CO2 emissions, consumption and water pollution.


Want to make room for new designs? We buy your preloved designer goods directly and uncomplicated.

Free submission

You want to send us your articles? Shipping to us is free of charge and insured.

Fast payout

You agree with our offer? Wonderful, we will pay you your money quickly.

Conserving resources

Extend the life cycle of your former favorites and save the environment - together with us!


If you do not like the purchase offer, we will send your items back to you free of charge!

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Prominent sellers

Find out here which products we prefer to buy, because for these products we pay you the best prices. And that immediately by bank transfer to your bank account.

Visit us on site


You would like to bring us your items in person and have our experienced purchasing team make you an offer directly on site? Then feel free to drop by one of our purchase stores in Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf or Vienna. We are looking forward to your visit!

Second hand purchase on site

Bring us your second hand treasures personally. We look forward to your visit in one of our purchase stores. Our experienced purchasing team checks your items directly in your presence and makes you an offer immediately. If you like the offer, you will receive your money by voucher or bank transfer to your account, depending on the purchase store.