We donate to the German Clothing Foundation

Our affair of the heart

We place a great deal of value on sustainability

That is why we support the German Clothing Foundation, the national and permanent clothing donation collection system affiliated with the umbrella organization FairWertung e.V. and thus committed to transparency and responsible action.

For more than 50 years, the German Clothing Foundation has been collecting, sorting and distributing used and new clothing as a non-profit organization. With the donations of clothes and the proceeds from recycling, it supports clothing stores and social projects at home and abroad to help people live in warmth and dignity.

It's so easy to donate clothes with Buddy & Selly and the Deutsche Kleiderstiftung:

The quality and condition of the items are very important to us. Therefore, not all garments in your sent packages may meet our criteria. In this case Buddy & Selly donates with your consent not purchased clothing directly to the German Clothing Foundation.

This way, your clothes will benefit charitable projects quickly and easily. More information about the work of the German Clothes Foundation can be find here

You have more questions about how it works? Then feel free to contact us by email at service@buddyandselly.com

Month Donation amount Certificates
July 2013 1260 kg Download
August 2013 320 kg Download
September 2013 280 kg Download
October 2013 454 kg Download
November 2013 306 kg Download
December 2013 216 kg Download
January 2014 288 kg Download
February 2014 252 kg Download
March 2014 270 kg Download
April 2014 414 kg Download
May 2014 270 kg Download
June 2014 414 kg Download
July 2014 342 kg Download
August 2014 216 kg Download
September 2014 342 kg Download
October 2014 378 kg Download
November 2014 288 kg Download
December 2014 216 kg Download
Year 2015 1925 kg Download
Year 2016 4133 kg Download
Year 2017 4817 kg Download
Year 2018 4380 kg Download
Year 2019 4040 kg Download
Year 2020 3230 kg Download
Year 2021 885 kg Download
Year 2022 1185 kg Download